What We Are Looking For



They are typically owner-managers, family-owned businesses or senior management teams with a desire for any of the following:

  • Retirement

  • Liquidity

  • Succession plan

  • Management buyout

  • Corporate divestment



  • Historical track record of profitability (at least 3 years) with stable margin

  • Revenues of £3 - 15m

  • Minimum EBITDA of c. £500k and margin of c. 10%

  • Cash generative – low maintenance capex / working capital requirement

Grow Beyond...


About us


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors seeking to acquire and operate a privately held business in the UK (London, Home Counties and Midlands).


Our objective is to build on the potential of the business and create value through:

  • Business expansion

  • Operational efficiency

  • Digitization



Every business is different. However, we look for as many as possible of the following key criteria:

  • B2B businesses

  • High degree of recurring/ repeat revenues

  • Long standing and diversified customer base

  • Scalability/ large end market

  • Low exogenous risk

  • Capable second tier management team

  • Simple operations



There are great businesses in every industry. We like interesting niche businesses in fragmented industries with growth potential and low exposure to economic and technological cycles. Examples:

  • Technology enabled businesses

  • Light manufacturing

  • Healthcare services, Healthcare Tech

  • Testing, inspection and certification

  • Business services

  • Industrials


What Makes Us Different

Our Approach


  • Honest and upfront - we will be open about valuations and what we can or cannot do

  • Speed of execution - we aim to conduct most of our due diligence in-house. Our process is designed to be comprehensive and efficient and to provide as much certainty as possible

  • Flexible on terms and structures - we can tailor our deal structures to accommodate sellers' cash and timing requirements, as well as any potential gaps in price expectations

  • Focus on value creation - our entire focus will be on growing the business



Private Equity

Trade Buyer

Number of Acquisitions

Single. Focused Approach

Multiple. Portfolio approach

Multiple. Absorbed into corporate

Value Creation

Hands on, build and grow existing business

Strategic oversight, financial engineering and cost cutting

Synergies and cost cutting

Sources of Capital

Own funds, investors and operational advisors

Institutional (passive pension funds and insurance companies)

Public and private funds

Goals and Exit Horizon

Long term growth. No predefined horizons

Maximize profitability. 3-5 years (restricted by fund life)

Institute parent company's strategy and culture


100% full time management focused on development of the acquired business

Primarily board level involvement

One of many corporate divisions


Continue to grow and develop

Secondary to financial return

Subject to redundancy

Transaction and Deal Terms

Quick, flexible and focused

Complex, one of many transactions

Slow and inflexible

Owner Tie-in

Limited to the hand-over period

Typically 2-3 years

Typically 2-3 years




Mahesh Chordia – Founder

Mahesh leads BanyanTree’s search phase and will be your single point of contact. Post-acquisition he will join the management team.


Mahesh has over 12 years of experience in Credit and Private Debt and has supported a significant number of businesses across a variety of industries including several SMEs (MBO, MBI, growth capital, and leveraged buyouts). Prior to this, he worked for Caterpillar Inc., where he helped develop and execute an India growth strategy. Previously, he was actively involved in his family business, executing growth strategies.


Mahesh holds an MBA from London Business School and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Raj Sood

Advisory Board

Raj is an entrepreneur and Founding Partner of Seronera Capital Partners, a family office that invests in private companies in the UK and Internationally. 








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